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Am I Dreaming? Someone Grinch me: The Grinch (2018), Lagunitas Brewing & Silver City Brewing

In episode 109, Tony & Eddie talk about 2018's remake of Dr. Suess', The Grinch (2018). There's a lot here to take in. New Grinch voice talent. New Grinch scenery. New Grinch motives. New If you're a fan of the original Grinch from 1966, the boys think you might want to check out this fresh new edition. It's different, sure, but it captures a lot of those nostalgic feels from the original. They were both pleasantly surprised by this one.

Also in this episode, Tony tried a new brew from Lagunitas and Eddie had one from Washington State based brewery, Silver City. Listen to this week's episode to catch their reviews.


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