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Episode 141: I'm Not Trapped Here With You

In episode 141, Tony & Eddie sit down to talk about the directorial debut form Josh Lobo - I Trapped the Devil (2019). That's right folks - it's another scary flick for the spooky October season. This one maybe have flown under the radar for most. The question is - should it have?

I Trapped the Devil is a flick about an estranged brother with a history of mental illness who claims to have barricaded the devil in his basement when his brother and sister-in-law drop in for a holiday visit. Is he crazy? Is the voice behind the door a man, or something more sinister? These are the questions the audience is left to answer on their own.

The boys also sampled new brews from Sly Fox Brewery and Puhaste Brewing.

Find out more about the movie, get the boy's reviews on the Cinemantics rating scale and listen to their full brew reviews along with their Untappd ratings in this week's episode!


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