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Episode 125: Fast Times at the Ridgemont Royale

In episode 125, Tony & Eddie sit down to talk about the fast paced, thrill packed, abundantly twist filled flick, Bad Times at the El Royale (2018). Are you a fan of a heist film? How about an action flick with powerful female characters? What about deeply character driven plot points? Or... did you like the TV show, LOST? If any of those answers are "yes", the boys think you might not want to miss out on this Drew Goddard film.

They also sampled new brews from Levante Brewing company and Elysian Brewing Company. If you're an avid listener, you know that Eddie loves Christmas, and of course he loves a good Christmas beer. Plum diddly, by Levante is a fruit and spice infused imerpial stout that really jingled his bells. Tony sipped on an American Pale Ale from Elysian called Salute the Sun. This low alcohol Pale with black limes was an interesting combo. But he wasn't ready to call it a favorite.

For our film critique and some details on these two new beers, please give this week's episode a listen. And as always, we hoped you'd enjoyed this episode of The Cinemantics.


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