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Episode 136, Hellboy (2019) - Founders Brewing & Fat Head's Brewery

In episode 136, Tony & Eddie pull up a chair, and a beer - well and their computers, mics, headsets and all the other crap they need - and they dive into the controversial remake of Hellboy (2019).

This movie bombed at the box office. It's got really low scores on various critic sites across the board - but did the boys agree? Was there something to get out of this amped up gore-fest version of our big red anti-hero? What about everyone's favorite Stranger Things sheriff in the role? Did they like Harbour? Tune in to find out more details and the answers to those questions.

The beers this week were an interesting mix. Summer is closing. Stout season is almost here. But the pumpkin beer inundation has also begun. Tony samples Fat Head's Spooky Tooth (an imperial pumpkin brew) and Eddie finally got his hands on the barrel-aged Underground Mountain from Founders.


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